Preserving and Presenting
the History of Northeast
Philadelphia since 1905
   Historical Society of Frankford
1507 Orthodox St. • Philadelphia, PA 19124 • 215.743.6030
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Contact Information:

Historical Society of Frankford
1507 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Please send all inquiries and member­ship correspondence to HSF, P.O. Box 4888, Philadelphia, PA 19124.

Please call the Society and
leave a message or email us:

The HSF Board of Directors

James Young

Jerry Kolankiewicz
Vice President

Bruce McKenzie

Alan Trachtenburg

Diane Sadler
Museum Committee

Richard Thomas
Library Committee

John Buffington
Susan Couvreur
Laura Hortz Stanton
Jerry Kolankiewicz
Wesley Peters
Vanessa Couvreur

Directors Emeritus:
Harry Lamb
Mr. Gilbert Shobert
Paul Andell

Sara Brower
Patricia Coyne

Board members partici­pate in quarterly board meetings, an annual retreat, quarterly Sunday open houses, and eight annual program meetings. Board members serve renew­able two-year terms and take a leader­ship role in one of the Society’s committees (finance/ budget, nomin­ations, collections, public relations, physical plant, library, and history).

About Us

The HSF Museum is a treasure house of historical art and artifacts. On display are furniture, paintings, sculpture, china, ceramics, silverware, tools, toys and games, household items and appliances, clothing and costumes, jewelry and personal possessions, military uniforms, weapons, musical instruments, fire equipment, Native American artifacts, and flora and fauna. Incorporated into the HSF building are a pair of fireplace mantels from the eighteenth-century Waln mansion and a magnificent federal period doorway from the 1801 Allengrove mansion, while furniture and decorative arts from many of the area’s prominent homes are also on exhibit.
Early 20th Century Pennypack Scene

The HSF Library contains an extensive collection of research materials documenting the history of the Northeast Philadelphia region from the seventeenth century to the present. Included are photographs, maps, newspapers, books and journals, personal papers of families and individuals, records of businesses and organizations, and other materials. The Library also houses the J. Friend Lodge Collection of Abraham Lincoln and Civil War books, documents, and artifacts. From 1680s William Penn deeds documenting the early settle­ment of the region to 1920s game-day programs of the Frankford Yellow Jackets football team, the Library houses a wide range of historical materials.

Volunteer Opportunities
HSF is always looking for volunteers to help with monthly programs, collection projects, and other activities. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please call the Society and leave a message or email us at


Northeast Philadelphia: A Brief History by Dr. Harry C. Silcox and Frank W. Hollingsworth $30.00   

Yellow Jackets by Howard Barnes $30.00   

History of Frankford by Howard Barnes (temporarily out of print) $30.00   

Frankford Images of America written by Brian Harris
for the Historical Society of Frankford

Grubbtown Monument “In memory of the Union soldiers of Grubbtown”
Researched by Fred Maurer

Lower Northeast Philadelphia Images of America
written by Louis M. Iatarola & Lynn-Carmela T. Iatarola for the Historical
Society of Tacony

HSF has an outstanding collection of historic photographs of the Frankford area and Northeast Philadelphia. Reproductions are available for sale.

The HSF is actively collaborating with local schools and organizations to preserve and present Northeast Philadelphia history.

In addition to financial support, HSF invites you to donate materials, photographs, documents, and objects to its collections. All potential donations are of interest. Such gifts will help ensure that a record of the past is preserved for the benefit of future generations. Please contact us for further information.

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